Methods of Getting the Best Online Shopping Deals

//Methods of Getting the Best Online Shopping Deals

Methods of Getting the Best Online Shopping Deals

Online shopping has been of help to a lot of peeps. It means that you no longer have to make long ques for a changing room, having to go through hundreds of clothes to find your right size or passing through crowds of other shoppers.

And also you get to avoid all the tricks the retailers used to do to make you spend more than you had budgeted for. To prevent these tricks here are a few tricks that you can use to obtain some of the best online shopping deals.

Leave your online shopping cart

Buying items is a two-stage process. First, you have to go to the website, look for the item that you want and then put it in the cart. Then you close the browser, wait for a day or two.

Leaving items in your cart means that you are likely to make a purchase, and this makes stores to give you a fantastic deal. Once you have the items in your cart, you can be assured to be tipped with a coupon or promo in your inbox.

Use Twitter

In most cases, online sales come unannounced. It’s advisable for you to create a separate twitter account for specifically following deal hounds and savvy bloggers. Following them will make you aware of certain sales going on that you wouldn’t be aware of if you don’t follow them. You can also use the regular twitter account, but that’s if you don’t mind your feed to be full of shopping deals.

Bookmark your favourite brands

If you are a brand loyalist, then you should bookmark the corporate websites of your favourite brands. You might find that in those favourite brands sites is where you will find the best deals. To help drive the traffic of these sites, manufacturers at times print out at home coupons.

Clear your browser

Vendors are most likely to offer great discounts to customers whom they think are new as an incentive of closing the deal. You can create another profile for shopping to fool the vendors into thinking that you are a new customer each time you make a purchase or visit their site. Also, you can change browsers for example if you use Firefox, you might choose to use Opera mini for shopping.


All the above hacks will help you get some of the best shopping deals. You can trick the vendors by changing browsers, or be clearing the cookies on your browser, bookmarking your favourite brands and so on.


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